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Hi, I’m Shanta.

I help people solve their money problems, using a program they can trust, and backing it up with personalized client service.

After traveling the world for six years, I have settled in the Okanagan valley, opening a boutique bed and breakfast and a financial advisor service. I specialize in helping people get started, no matter how late they think it is, (it’s never too late) and then nurture a wholistic financial plan for life.

My two adult children have remained in Alberta, and besides finance, I enjoy healthy living; especially wandering the beautiful British Columbia hiking trails with my little dog, Estee.

Enough about me, I can’t wait to meet you to hear all about you. Please make sure you send me a note or come say Hello on social media.


Shanta Meeder

My logo:

My initials, SM, stylized by the $ for the S, and the shirt of the person making the M. The person is in front of the money, because people always come before money, yet money and people are forever intertwined and cannot be separated.