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Shanta Meeder

I hope to arrive to my death late… ~Atticus

One Stop Financial Planning

At Late Start Wealth we encompass: Banking Mortgages Insurance Business Insurance Investments Tax Planning And much more One stop shopping for your convenience and whole planning to get you back on the right track…

Wholistic Financial Planning for the whole family

Intergenerational Financial Planning services, with a focus on turning Late Start Wealth around but also assisting families so their children won’t be in this position when they retire. It’s important that your children know your financial situation as you age; one never knows when a dreaded…

No need to go into the autumn of your life with uncertainty

There are many reasons for Late Start Wealth

There are many reasons people show up unprepared for retirement. Slow down in economy and job loss. End of marriage. Bankruptcy. Death of spouse. Living in the moment. Counting on government pensions. The reasons don’t really matter, how you are going to turn it around is what matters…